Gallerynote 4/2017

July 22 to September 30, 2017

Summer exhibition 2017

Our summer exhibition can be viewed by appointment until September 10, 2017: you can reach us by calling +41 44 201 32 35 or by sending an e-mail to .

Works by James Bishop, Antonio Calderara, Joseph Egan, Donald Judd, Robert Mangold, Richard Tuttle and Jerry Zeniuk form an expansive yet coherent exhibition installation.

In the entry area, visitors encounter a pair of intensive smaller-scale works, one by Jerry Zeniuk and the other by Joseph Egan.

In the first large exhibition room, the magisterial yellow canvas ‘Double Line Column’, 2005, by Robert Mangold yields its monumental impact. The work is complemented by ‘Red-Green Ellipse/Black Frame’ from 1988, an especially lovely work in acrylic on a large sheet of paper.
Taking up the vertical format of the yellow painting on a small scale, ‘Orizzonte’, 1968/69, by Antonio Calderara asserts itself as a counterpoint.

Rooms two and three offer two ideal niches for the ‘Formal Alphabet B-M’ group by Richard Tittle, which now comprises a total of twelve works.

The high-ceilinged fourth exhibition room is dominated by Donald Judd’s 1989 wall work in Douglas fir plywood and the large painting ‘Brown/Red’, 1969, by James Bishop.
In our exhibition, the dialog between work and space is the true unifying core theme. We look forward to your visit.


Contemporary Art Centre, Bruxelles
September 15, 2017 to January 7, 2018

Sol LeWitt (1928–2007)
A Wall Drawing Retrospective

Yale University Art Gallery and Williams College Museum of Art
November 16, 2008 – 2033

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