James Bishop

James Bishop

James Bishop

Texts on the work of
James Bishop (1927-2021) by the following artists:

Pierre Buraglio
Sharon Butler
Harriet Korman
Paul Pagk
David Reed
Dorothea Rockburne
Richard Tuttle
Paul Wallach

with a preface by
Molly Warnock

Publisher: ER Publishing,
Edited by Molly Warnock

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CHF 25
 James Bishop
Paintings 1963–1986

Paintings 1963–1986

Size: 21 x 26 cm, 32 pages with large sized colored images
The catalog is published in conjunction with the exhibitions in the Annemarie Verna Gallery, Zurich:
Part I  March 28 to May 13, 2006
Part II September 7 to October 28, 2006

Photography: Thomas Cugini, Zurich
Translation: Julia Thorson, Zurich
Print: Druckzentrum Schütz AG, Sellenbüren

Publisher: Annemarie Verna Gallery, Zurich

© 2006 by James Bishop and
Annemarie Verna Gallery

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CHF 30.00
 Paintings 1963–1986
Paintings on Paper

Paintings on Paper

Size: 24.5 x 30.5 cm
160 pages with numerous colored pictures

Texts by Erich Franz, Molly Warnock, Michael Semff

Design and production:
Sieveking Verlag, Munich

Michael Semff and Gianfranco Verna

© 2018 Sieveking Verlag, Munich
© 2018 James Bishop and authors

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ISBN: 978-3-944874-72-2
CHF 56.00
 Paintings on Paper  Paintings on Paper