James Bishop (1927-2021)

February 16 to February 16, 2021

James Bishop – photo by Thomas Cugini

We are deeply saddened to announce that James Bishop passed away on February 17, 2021 in Dreux (F). Since 1976, the Galerie Verna has had the privilege of accompanying his life and work through numerous exhibitions and publications. We have lost a great artist and close friend.

James Bishop belongs to a small group of artists who resolutely opted for painting in the intense era of the 1960s. Starting from the offshoots of Abstract Expressionism in New York, he found his very own artistic form from 1965 onwards. Using earthy hues, he constructs what he himself called “uncertain scaffolds” on large-format square canvases and small sheets of paper, made of horizontal, vertical and diagonal bars that abut or overlap each other. On top of this he superimposes skins of paint in varying densities, which combine to form a resonance chamber spanning the interval between pictorial surface and depth. Detached from expressive gestures, the canvas and paper, color, surface, line and structure become artistic substance. James Bishop’s paintings make the process of creation tangible and oscillate between abstraction and remembrance of the figurative.

With the concentrated instruments at his disposal, James Bishop has made an important contribution to the renewal of painting since the 1960s and testifies to its undiminished and enduring relevance.

Annemarie and Gianfranco Verna, Laura Mahlstein



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